Fixing a broken Firefox after version 35

January 31, 2015  ·  firefox, fedora, software

So as of the last batch of updates I applied to my laptop (running Fedora 21), Firefox started acting really weirdly. In particular, I was seeing the following things:

  • Even though my preferences were set to restore tabs when firefox started, I would only get a blank page when it started. No tabs would restore.
  • I couldn’t control-shift-t to open a previously closed tab. (I never realized how often I actually rely on this).
  • I couldn’t select “Restore previous session” or “Previously closed tabs” or “Previously closed windows” from the History menu.
  • Password autofill didn’t work. Not that I rely on this too much, but for sites I don’t care too much about, I use it sometimes, and it was annoying that it stopped working.
  • Maybe unrelated, but all JS on twitter wouldn’t work, so I couldn’t favorite/RT/tweet/etc.

I did a lot of searching around. I came across some older posts on, but none of the suggestions there were helping (and most of them were discouraged by Mozilla folks anyway).

After a lot more searching, I found Debian bug #775645.

It described many of the issues I was having and a few more. Bingo!

It mentions that something set the dom.indexeddb.enabled preference to false and that setting it back to true reverted all functionality back to normal. And so it did.

I’m writing this post in the hope that anyone who uses Firefox and runs into a similar issue finds it useful. I’m not sure which plugin specifically set dom.indexeddb.enabled to false – it wasn’t anything I set manually.

Hopefully this is helpful to someone.