Fedora Jenkins-Fedmsg Enablement

July 18, 2014  ·  fedora

After a bunch of annoyances in dealing with Java version incompatibilities, I was finally able to get fedmsg-java and fedmsg-jenkins-emit to compile and work nicely together.

A lot of the issues dealt with the fact that our Jenkins master runs on Java 1.6, but I was compiling the plugin locally on Java 1.7. I then ran into the fact that some of the dependencies I was using don’t seem to have builds up on Central for 1.6 anymore, so I had to downgrade to old versions.

All that being said, projects can now opt-in to have Fedmsg messages be sent on completion of project builds and failures.

An example message can be found here.

To opt in

  • Go to Jenkins and log in.
  • Click on your project to go to the project’s profile page
  • Click “configure”
  • Scroll to the bottom and drop down “Add post-build action”
    • Click “Send messages to Fedmsg”
  • Click the “Apply” button

You are done.

To opt out, after opting in

Simply remove the post-build step created above.

You can trigger things to happen when failures or successes occur. For example, you could have a node listen for relevant messages, then get pull the build and generate/upload documentation whenever it sees a success.

Have fun riding the fedmsg bus!