Bodhi2 FAD

June 9, 2014  ·  fedora, travel

The majority of my time last week was spent at the Bodhi2/Taskotron Fedora Activity Day (FAD) where I met up with a small number of the people I work with within the Fedora community.

Getting There / Sunday

I took a short nap on Saturday night before having a friend pick me up to take me to the airport. We had quite a bit of time remaining though, so we hung out for a while and work on some things up at the ham radio club room.

I got to the airport about 1.5 hours early and got checked in. They were letting people go through the TSA-Pre line because almost nobody was there since it was so early in the morning. This meant I got through security very quickly.

The flight and layover was uninteresting.

When I got to DEN, I texted Kevin and he came and picked me up. I had a hard time finding where to meet him, but it ended up working out.

We checked in at the hotel and went over to Luke’s place where we took a look at the conference room and Luke’s apartment and office, then hacked for a bit in the conference room.

I added a way to disable libravatar because it was doing some DNS queries that were taking 30 seconds each and timing out when the test suite ran. Most of the remainder of my hacking was on the UI, and I started on the redesign on Sunday as well.


On Monday, I spent a large amount of time making the dashboard page look reasonable even if the user has JavaScript disabled. I had an idea to show a fedmsg newsfeed of Bodhi-related events, and I wanted to do this using the datagrepper JavaScript widget so that it didn’t slow down the page load time by making HTTP requests server-side.

After a lot of thinking and talking with Ralph, I came up with a solution that works reasonably well:

This is with JavaScript enabled:

JS Enabled

And this is with JavaScript disabled:

JS Disabled

I also did a lot of refactoring on the update page (the page which lists details about an individual update).

update page

We then enjoyed a good meal at the Roo Bar.


On Tuesday, I finished up some work on the update page and moved to the user profile page. I’m still not 100% happy with how it looks and might work on it some in the future, but for the most part everyone else seemed content with it.

It will send an ajax request to Datagrepper to display the date of the user’s last Bodhi-related action which triggered a fedmsg message. The page is fully functional without JavaScript, this is just something extra we show if the user has it enabled.

The user page shows the user’s latest updates and most recent comments/karma left and received.

We went to Falling Rock for dinner and drinks. After that, we went to The 1up where we played classic arcade games for a while. Ohio really needs something like this.


On Wednesday, our last FAD day I spent most of my time working on the release pages (the page that lists all releases that Bodhi knows about, and the page that shows information about an individual release).

I added a JavaScript dependency (optional - the page still works fine without JavaScript enabled) on chart.js so that we could show pretty charts about release statistics on the page.

The original graph I added showed updates submitted to a release per-month. Then Ralph gave me an idea for a multi-colored graph which showed releases submitted by type (security, bugfix, enhancement, etc.). It took longer than I will admit but I finally got fancy multi-colored charts working (for some definition of working).

pretty graph


Thursday, I got breakfast on my own and met up in the afternoon with Ralph and Luke for lunch at Gomez burritos. Their Egg, Cheese, Potato burrito is really good.

I took a shuttle to the airport with Ralph.

The rest of the day was spent flying. My first flight back was the most uncomfortable flight I’d ever been on. I was in the middle seat of a 3-seat row and couldn’t move at all. The person on my left was sleeping and making very weird noises in his sleep. The person on my right seemed to be reviewing some kind of academic paper. I was interested in what it was, but I didn’t want to be nosy and ask. The second flight was much better and more “normal.”

I got home, checked email and IRC, and went to bed.

That’s a wrap!

Overall, I think the FAD was really productive. The project was in a state where each person could work on their own part of it. I stuck mostly with the UI side of things (which kept me from having to deal with Python much :P).

Kevin and Dennis got a staging Koji instance up and running; Ralph worked a lot on the New Update functionality; Luke seemed to be doing a bit of everything, but I think he spent a lot of time working on adding test coverage. Mathieu worked a ton on buildroot-override functionality.