Goodbye to a great friend

July 9, 2013  ·  fedora

I first met Seth on IRC in June of 2010 when I joined the Infrastructure team. From the very start, I admired his ability to say what he feels about something without holding back. He was always able to tell someone how amazing or how bad their idea was, in relation to something else. This made him very unique. He was always very good at explaining his thought process, as well. He never failed to have real, valid reasons for thinking so strongly about something. It was never a blind emotion.

He was extremely caring. This past Fudcon, a small group of us went to get dinner, and I was particularly quiet because I was tired. He turned to me and asked, very genuinely, Are you okay? You look like something is bothering you. He was always that way, and if someone needed help with something, he would drop what he was doing to go help them.

He was a very productive person. Always on IRC, even in the early morning hours with me sometimes, whenever I needed help with something I was working on, or when servers blew up, and I had trouble determining why.

He was a very logical person, and all three FUDCons that I have attended were filled with evenings of him talking about anything from software, to food, to philosophy. And he retained the quality of having very logical reasons for what he was saying, each and every time.

But most of all, he was a good friend. Someone that I knew I could talk to if I needed help with things. Someone who could make you feel better when you were having a bad day. Someone who genuinely cared about me and my success.

Seth, I only knew you for 3 very short years, but I will sincerely miss you. You were a great friend and community member, and words alone cannot express my feelings of loss.