Elixir Language is now in Fedora 17

June 4, 2012  ·  fedora, elixir, programming

Well it’s been a week since my Elixir language package got approved and I am happy to announce that it has been pushed to stable, and now appears in the Fedora 17 updates repository.

Anyone who uses Fedora 17 or Fedora Rawhide, and wants to try out the new programming language by José Valim (which runs on the Erlang VM), can simply: sudo yum install elixir

I might later on introduce an elixir-git subpackage for rawhide that tracks Elixir’s git repository more closely, but for now the elixir package tracks the stable, currently 0.5.0 release, of Elixir.

iex> IO.puts Happy hacking!
Happy hacking!