Fedora 17 on Raspberry Pi

May 29, 2012  ·  fedora, arm, raspberry pi

So about two weeks ago I received my Raspberry Pi. Unfortunately I’ve not had too much time to actually play around with it. The day I got it I was leaving for the Dayton Hamvention, so I had to get ready to go.

I had a few short hours that day, and did try out a few of the different suggested distro images for the Pi. I first tried Fedora (the F14 remix), then tried Debian, and I even tried Arch. They all worked (though I did have problems with a large amount of packet loss among all of them, from the ethernet port, but it seems to have worked itself out – might have been a loose connection from the cable to the router).

After trying the various distros, I left for the Hamvention (taking it with me to show off to my friends from the University of Akron Ham Radio Club). But when I got back home, it just pretty much stayed in its box. This is mostly because I don’t have an HDMI cable (I’ll be ordering one next week), and so I have to time playing with the Pi against my mom wanting to watch TV, and use the RCA connector.

Well tonight I had an interesting idea. I was hanging out with KG4SGP who is in from Virginia, and we were talking about several projects, and where the Pi might fit into them.

When I got home from hanging out, I decided that it’d be better to let my Pi run just as a server that I can ssh into and play with, than just having it sit in the box and doing nothing. I really do like the Pi, it’s so awesome that this little thing that can run off a USB port can run a full Linux distro. I wanted to use it!

While I was at it, I decided I’d try to get Fedora 17 on it. I grabbed the latest F17 arm nightly (no X), flashed it to the SD card, got it booted in the Pi, set up static networking, and got the Pi ssh-able. So now I have a Fedora 17 ARM playground.

So – Yeah. This thing is cool. Time to play with the GPIO pins and make something cool!