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I am a computer science student who is currently attending Youngstown State University, in Youngstown, Ohio. I am also employeed at Red Hat, Inc. where I work on the Fedora Engineering team. I enjoy programming language theory (PLT) research (especially functional programming), photography, calligraphy, chess, logic, and abstract mathematics.


I am very active within the open source community. I tend to work on projects in a variety of programming languages, although I have found that the use of functional programming leads to more productivity than other paradigms. Because of this, I love working with languages which permit functional programming to a large extent. Examples of such languages include Haskell, Idris, and Agda.

Some of my projects include the eval.so code evaluation API, Fedora Mobile, and a Ruby Gem that I wrote several years ago which allows for easy access to the Bing translation API.

These projects are all on GitHub. Some of them are on my personal GitHub profile, while others are part of organizations on GitHub, of which I am a member.

Research, Education, Learning

I graduated Barberton High School in 2010, and am currently enrolled at Youngstown State University where I am majoring in Computer Science.

I enjoy learning, especially when it relates to programming language theory and/or mathematics. I've recently begun studying Category Theory and Type Theory. Along with the above, I've also taken a strong liking to functional programming, which has taught me more about writing correct and working programs than I ever knew before.

I am the vice president for the Youngstown State University's student ACM chapter, along with being a long-time member of the University of Akron's amateur radio club, W8UPD, despite no longer attending the University of Akron.

Programming Experience

I began programming when I was a freshman in high school. I started with Perl before moving on to PHP, Python, Ruby, and Java. Nowadays I prefer to use languages which permit functional programming to a great extent. Examples of such languages are listed above, in the "Projects" section.

Awards and Achievements

I passed my amateur radio "technician" class exam in 2004, at the age of 13. I have since upgraded to the "general" class, in 2012. I hold the vanity callsign "N8SQL."

In 2012, I was awarded the Fedora Scholarship because of my involvement within the Fedora Community. In 2011, I was awarded a scholarship by the ARRL for my involvement in the hobby of amateur radio.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy fiddling with electronics and making them do neat things. In my (lack of) spare time, I enjoy photography. I shoot a Pentax K-30 I still get on the ham radio bands occasionally, and particularly enjoy making contacts along with the local club on Field Day. A newly discovered hobby of mine is playing chess. I try to do some tactics puzzles every day to raise my ELO.

I'm a student member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and enjoy reading papers from their library, as well as jouranls about category theory and programming language theory.

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